Ebay gold

I like playing with eBay, it combines my interests of searching and shopping for obscure secondhand stuff. I am not rash or a big spender. It is all about patience and the searching. I always sort by, Price + Postage: lowest first.

I have 39 saved searches but many of these are sleepers. There are searches for: lego; ipod accessories; vintage fabric; Horrible Histories books; Peugeot folding bikes; cookbooks; green depression glass; handbags; and lots of music. I can easily send an hour fiddling with my searches and sifting through the results.

Last week,  I got lucky. A search alert appeared in my inbox for Melbourne Water (v. 1)  a compilation CD I had been hoping to find for about two years. Mercifully, there was no competition. It cost me $7.81 and this included the cost of posting it from California. Ludicrously cheap entertainment

This search is one of my old favourites wombl* mug, Search title and description Located In: Worldwide I look at occasionally, but I haven’t bought a mug.

Orinoco Womble

Orinoco Womble - photo of a vintage doona cover found on eBay for $12

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One Response to Ebay gold

  1. Katie says:

    Awesome. I have loads of wombles collected over the years using E-Bay. Wombles were once my favourite thing to collect. I have moved on to owls now.

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