Post from my phone

I often crave a break from my computer on the weekend and as I have successfully managed to avoid it all day, I thought I would try something new and attempt to create a blog post on my iPhone.

The first step was to installed the free WordPress for iOS app. The current version 2.8 has received good reviews and overall, the app. has been rated 5 stars. It seems from reading the reviews that the last version, crashed frequently. There were plenty of reports about people losing posts but the feedback about this version looks more promising.

The app. is very easy to use and the only thing I couldn’t work out how to do was how to save a draft of a post (select Done>then Cancel>the prompt to save the draft will display).

The iPhone app. would be very useful for moderating blog comments and there is also the capacity to upload video and photos. I found a photo on my phone to upload for this post but unfortunately it was upside down. A Google search revealed that Photoshop Express app. allows you to rotate images, so I downloaded this app. as well, so that I could use this image.

Composing this post on my phone has been very easy, so I’m sure I will attempt it again.


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4 Responses to Post from my phone

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  2. I use the iPhone wordpress app too, although I don’t write many posts on it as I find the tiny one finger keyboard a pain (I’m so old I actually learned to touch type in high school) to write anything much longer than a text saying ‘honey can you get cat food please’

    Thanks for the tip about using photoshop express to rotate pics, I have the app but have never really used it for anything – now I do!

  3. figgles1 says:

    Thanks, I’ve been experimenting with the WordPress app too – last three posts from the train on the way to work! If you type http:/ it will prompt you to add a hyperlink! Nice! I’d like it to allow links from pictures but suspect I’ll need to make a little note with the code from a post made on the PC and copy and edit…

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