June 11 – Yarn Bombing and Knit in Public Day

Saturday 11 June 2011 is International Yarn Bombing Day and also Knit In Public Day.

Yarn bombing is a participatory action that uses yarn based craft to decorate objects in public spaces and beautify the urban environment. It is associated with graffiti and celebrates craft. Like other forms of craftivism it builds community and there is a strong intersect with social media, as yarn bombers add images of their work to Flickr and blog to create an enduring record. Some yarn bombers prefer to remain anonymous, whereas, others like Twighlight taggers  from Melbourne attach tags to their pieces so that the public can connect with them online.

Melbourne Event

If you live in Melbourne and you have time to go to the city, there is a public event at Federation Square from 12-3pm. Bring along your crochet hooks or your knitting needles and some wool and meet some other crafters. If you like the idea of yarn bombing, you can add your contribution to the Light Hearts Installation (seeFlickr photo set) that is currently in Federation Square as part of The Light in Winter Festival (2 June – 3 July). Tomorrow, I will probably crochet on the tram and I am meeting my sister at Federation Square to chat and do some crochet to add to the installation.

More about yarn bombing:

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