My glass is half full

I received my mark for my final assignment tonight. My distance education experience has been a long and winding road. The last couple of years of combining work, study and the responsibilities of single parenting have been really hard work.

bottle of wine

Celebrating with CSU wine

I was going to let the moment pass without comment but I have decided that it deserves some acknowledgment. I can’t wait to graduate. I am done!

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9 Responses to My glass is half full

  1. paul151 says:

    Well done. I too have juggled work and study for 3.5 years and just concluded my DipGrad this semester… still waiting for my final mark though.

  2. Sally says:

    Congratulations!! An achievement worthy of celebration, if only because it’s finally over! 🙂

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  4. Gemma says:

    Fantastic – I think maybe a few bottles of wine are needed as this is a massive celebration!

  5. Tania says:

    Well done Kat. Hard slog but so worth it!

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