Trick of the light

But that’s not her!
That’s just the light
It’s only an image of her
It’s just a trick of the light

The Triffids – Trick of the light

This is my first attempt at blogging and I realize I still have a lot to learn. I jumped in at the start of June without thinking too much about the consequences or the skills that I would require. Once I got started, I realized that I needed to consider developing is my blogging voice and establishing suitable topics for posting on a blog that would be shared with a professional network. I also remembered a post from earlier this year by the prolific Melbourne blogger Pip Lincolne that got me thinking about the importance of developing a consistent and positive tone, if you want people to return to your blog.

I did know from the beginning though, that my main aim for #blogjune would be to post daily and that the content would be of secondary importance, but I am still feeling a little uncertain about who I am meant to be writing for (audience – librarians?) and what I should be writing about (anything I can thing of in June..). A few participants have reflected and mentioned that they would prefer not to post daily, if this meant they were diluting the professional content of their blogs. Others such as @newgradlib have chosen to post from two blogs: professional and personal.

I feel much more confident than I did at the start of the month about blogging, so this has been a useful exercise. I’m sure that if I keep blogging I will eventually find my professional voice.

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One Response to Trick of the light

  1. You’ll find your blogging voice just as you did your speaking voice. Elmore Leonard said it took him a million words to find his authorial voice.

    For me, I wasn’t sure what the target for my blog would be, until I realized it was really myself. I write to think my way through things, to try things out. They happen to be (mostly) related to learning, the brain, on the job performance, and things like that, and so if others interested in those fields chime in, that’s terrific.

    But it’s for me.

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