It is a wrap

Blogging every day in June has kept me busy. I did not expect that it would keep me up so late at night. I imagined that I would be writing lots of lunch time posts and that most days I would be done by afternoon tea time. What a dreamer. I thought I would write more about libraries and felt slightly uncomfortable when I realized that I did not have the time to plan and write library related posts. I also noted that I tended to have moments of inspiration, when I had no time to do something about it. The exercise has also revealed that it can be a challenge to come up with topics for posts at 11pm!

I came close to achieving my goal. I managed the 30 posts (2 were a little late). It is nice that I have a record of some of the memorable moments in my month such as, getting the results for my last assignment, attending a conversation with the Dalai Lama and weeding the reference collection. The interaction with so many friendly librarians has been a highlight. I still have over 300 unread posts in my blogroll, so I will catch up with many of you over the weekend.

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